Reception creator

Each work of art is unique. Your project is too. Caterer and creator of reception, Butard Enescot puts at your disposal all its talents to enhance your event.

From artist
to craftsman

From the Artist

The artistic and creative outlook as a particularity to conceive each event as a timeless experience. The Creative Look, Innovative, Trendsetter

To the craftsman

To make Butard Enescot a house of culinary art, of high precision, sincere and elegant. Excellence, Know-how, Respect for traditions

Our collection

In order to always offer you the best, our creative chefs think of an exceptional culinary collection to satisfy the taste buds of your guests. In search of innovation and creation, our chefs create new recipes each month highlighting fresh, seasonal and local products.

pièces cocktails
pièces cocktails
pièces cocktails
pièces cocktails

Our engagement

Hygiene and food safety are top priorities for Butard Enescot . For this, Butard Enescot takes care to limit food waste, to select seasonal and local products, to promote inclusion and to honor its certifications. We are also working with two associations to redistribute 100% of unsold items and food surplus.

Our partners

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