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It is a real skill studio that Butard Enescot has in its possession to offer you the most creative services

Creation studio

Yannick Le Callet

Always alert, Y annick Le Callet is guided in his aesthetic quest by daring dressage concepts and by the seasonality of the noble products he likes to work with. His creations are like him: instinctive, frank and playful. Without limit, his artistic fiber is now creative and generous.

l preserves products by magnifying them with dazzling finesse. He plays through shapes, colors, subtlety and refinement of textures and flavors …

Through his accuracy and the perfection of his inventive cuisine, he knows how to awaken our senses. < / p>

Cédric Charles-Hélène

During his creations Cédric Charles-Hélène conducts research combining skill and elegance to create pastries that sublimate each of the products he uses.

Very Attached to nature and its protection, his recipes show that he masters an evolving pastry shop attached to sustainable development.
Few colorings, no additives, the product remains raw and magnified.

< br /> Its attractive and colorful menu reflects the flavors of the different seasons.


A prestigious academy

With 25 years of expertise as an organizer of exceptional receptions, Butard Enescot shares its know-how and trains men and women in the service professions on a daily basis with the aim of establishing a unique signature. </ p>


In order to offer a tailor-made service to its customers, Butard Enescot integrates Decoration, Scenography and Graphics into its services. More than an event, Butard Enescot creates a real atmosphere around customer requests.


Butard Enescot offers a new offer combining digital and experiential innovation to bring a touch of modernity to your events. We have particularly worked on this aspect thanks to new technologies.

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